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I'm a PhD and I am very busy. I needed to buy a house (in Walton High school district) in about 2 months for my family to move in, so I did a lot of homework on picking an agent. I interviewed several agents, including some famous agents and their team members. They were either too busy to work with me, or their junior team members had very limited knowledge about houses and/or neighborhood. I needed an agent who (1) has sufficient knowledge to tell me pros and cons of a house: the location/neighborhood, the style, the materials used on roof/siding/floor etc.; (2) responds quickly because good deals go fast; (3) plans everything for me and make me well organized and confident; and (4) can accommodate my time because I really had no time to waste.

I understand this is kind of picky BUT I was sooooo lucky that I met Al Maxwell. He fit all my needs and even did more than what I expected. He told me about the goods and beds of every single houses we saw, and how much it would cost to fix the issues; he responded to me always as soon as he could; he planed and proposed every step for me to make my busy life much much easier, and he always prioritize my requests because he knew that I need to buy a house fast. Plus, he was so considerate that he never pushed me to make any decision. Instead, when I was about to make a rush decision, he told me I should see more to have a better idea what would be best for me.

The most impressive thing Al did for me was: I first picked a house which satisfied my basic requirements and we signed a contract. However, just two days before the due diligence, I received a new listing email from Al in the afternoon and the house had better location, newer age, larger size, and lower price. Yes, this is a much better deal than the one I picked. I was excited but also anxious because I know great deals go so fast. I called Al and he scheduled a visit for me in the evening after my work. I was very happy with the house and would like to put an offer. I was hesitant if we should put an offer on that day because it was already 8 pm and I felt guilty that I would ask too much from Al. Al said me that the best thing he would like to do was to help me buy the house I wanted. He took me to his office, and prepared the offer for me, then we sent to the seller's agent right after we finished. Al also gave me great advice on how to make this offer a deal with minimum cost and maximum likelihood. Soon the seller accepted the offer as we hoped and both sides were happy about this. This is exactly like the words Al put on his office door: Win-win or no deal! Later, we were told by the seller's agent that quite some buyers were interested in the house and scheduled visits in one day after the house was listed, and the seller also got backup offers after they accepted our offer.

I'm so grateful for what Al did for me, and what made me happier is: he is not merely an agent, but a friend who is considerate and caring. Believe me, you definitely won't regret to work with Al. He is such a knowledgeable, considerate, and reliable gentleman that you can trust.


Content by Al Maxwell Marietta Realtor®

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Thanks to my client


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