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We had Al pull double-duty for us — sell our home of 10 years and find us a new one in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the state of Georgia.

Al used both his experience and knowledge to help us accomplish both in less than a month.

First, Al helped us sell our home. He gave us a thorough evaluation of our home’s condition, then put us in contact with a wonderful stager who could provide further recommendations on the best renovations to help our house sell for the best possible price. We followed their recommendations, put our house on the market — and we had a contract (for full asking price) in one day.

Then, Al helped us find our new home. We spent a few weekends traveling around the area. Al provided a detailed packet each time with a map of our itinerary and information on the homes.

One day, Al went early to see a home that was just about to go on the market. When we arrived, he stepped out the front door to meet us and said, “I think I found the perfect one.” He was right, but we still had more work to do — the house had 13 showings that weekend, and six potential buyers put in offers.

We again followed Al’s advice to put together the best possible offer, which included writing a compelling letter to the sellers.

And we got it!

To be honest, this was our second real estate transaction with Al, but it reinforced to us that we’ll never settle for anything less than his combination of expertise and amiable nature.


Content by Al Maxwell Marietta Realtor®

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